A Propos de Seasof : foutas, ponchos de surf, peignoirs foutas et linge de maison - Vente de Ponchos & Foutas serviettes en ligne - Seasof
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A Propos de Seasof : foutas, ponchos de surf, peignoirs foutas et linge de maison

Who we are and what we do


Seasof, a woman

This woman is Sophie and at the time of leading fashion brands had already ridden their wave with boards made for them, she decided to remake the beachwear. Seasof is her own vision, a version of beachwear closer to nature, ethnic and smart with a kind of bohemian and discreet spirit. A return to the true things, to distinguished accessories, to understated and stylish aspirations. From ponchos to towels, single models made for a single concept.

All Seasof models are inspired by the Parisian style. Paris, fashion capital of the world, leaves its claw of luxury, its delicate fragrance, and contributes to a unique signature, a brilliant brand with a promising future: Seasof.

Once upon a time Seasof

Close your eyes, imagine the deep blue ocean and the white scum which crackles. Can you feel the warm sand and the sun kissing your skin? Are you there? Look at the young surfer girl, next to you who leaves the ocean with her board under the arm. This hardened sportswoman is before all, an adventurer, a business woman who does not fear anything.

She rides waves of Famara beach, in Lanzarote, with the same ease and perseverance she had when she created Seasof. Elegant and free, she made beachwear her passion. Seasof, the sport in a chic version. Sophie is also a creator who spends her time in Paris, the place where beats the heart of fashion, and the Basque coast, an irresistible spot with its large beaches and its emblematic waves of European surfing.

Seasof , the concept of freedom

The brand is before all, a philosophy. High quality fabrics of unique weaves adapted to different uses. Seasof products will let you protect yourself from coldness, dry your body carefully, to change yourself in privacy. Ponchos and towels will offer softness with natural materials to your skin without forgetting elegance. When your skin or your hair is attacked and weakened by salt or chlorine, these single fabrics come in such a way you will think of a maternal caress, to absorb streaming water gently. These soft “foutas” where you will love being rolled up and dried, these ponchos with hoods which cover up bodies, are woven and assembled by master craftsmen.

Seasof is a single concept which can combine the cosiness of “foutas” of high quality, the luxury and the refinement of the fashion houses and the ease of use of these single parts.

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